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In the far-future of MankindEdit

Bleak Expanse is a far-future scifi setting that explores the struggle of dozens of races, factions, or sects in their quest to hold the Destiny that lies at the center of the universe, and life is embroiled in a constant warfare to control this conflicted area of the galaxy. Notable among the races are those with the height of power, these epitomize the struggle. The Noble Monarchy of Mankind, holding the space of the Prosperus Sector and Lights' Hope. The Theocracy of the Anasazi, a strict caste of a violent people in Keth's Breach. The Voltron Technocracy, in the Shardworlds, using steel and wits to craft immense mechanus. Even more host many hundreds of worlds in the galaxy, engaged in mighty quests for the desire of their kind.

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